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Sell Postling, Make Money

Earn 50% of their first payment + up to 30% of their monthly payments for life for each customer who signs up as a Postling Premium member using your affiliate link.

You could earn up to $95 a year per customer. The more you sell, the higher your commissions!

How it works

Step 1: Register as an affiliate and get your unique link.
Step 2: Get paid when people click your link and become Postling Premium members.

If you make You earn
1-10 sales $12.50 + $2.50 each month
11-25 sales $12.50 + $5.00 each month
26+ $12.50 + $7.50 each month

All of your sign ups are cumulative, so get started now!

You're in the driver's seat

From your affiliate dashboard, you'll be able to see in real-time how many people have clicked your link, registered, and upgraded to Postling Premium. You'll know exactly how many sales you have, what your balance is, and what your commission rate is.

We'll automatically pay out your commissions every time your balance reaches $50.00. Or, log into your affiliate dashboard and manually cash out your balance. All that is required is a PayPal account.